Marching Bass Drums

Best Seller! Dynasty bass drums are made from hard rock, maple shells with aluminum endurite casings, reverse threaded fittings and newly engineered claw hooks that provide increases spread and depth of the hook so that you can be assured of higher tensioning without the worry of pulling the claw. The bass drums are more light-weight because of the endurite, cast aluminum casing that provides ultimate strength and ease of tuning. Standard colors are red, white, black and blue. Standard hardware colors are silver powder coating.

P02-MBD16 : Dynasty 16" Bass Drum 13.2 Pounds.

P02-MBD18 : Dynasty 18" Bass Drum 15 Pounds.

P02-MBD20 : Dynasty 20" Bass Drum 16.1 Pounds.

P02-MBD22 : Dynasty 22" Bass Drum 18.1 Pounds.

P02-MBD24 : Dynasty 24" Bass Drum 19.8 Pounds.

P02-MBD26 : Dynasty 26" Bass Drum 22 Pounds.

P02-MBD28 : Dynasty 28" Bass Drum 24.3 Pounds.

P02-MBD30 : Dynasty 30" Bass Drum 27 Pounds.

P02-MBD32 : Dynasty 32" Bass Drum 29 Pounds.